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Harry Potter's Draco Malfoy shows off his Quidditch WAG at Batman premiere

Harry Potter's Draco Malfoy shows off his Quidditch WAG at Batman premiere

By Natalie Trombetta
Last updated at 9:13 AM on 22nd July 2008

He's known as Harry Potter's nasty nemesis Draco Malfoy, but in real life Tom Felton does have a softer side.

The 20-year-old actor was all smiles as he hit the red carpet at the London premiere of The Dark Knight last night with an attractive brunette on his arm.

The mystery Quidditch WAG turned heads in a thigh-skimming black frock and towering heels, while Felton traded in his Hogwarts uniform for gun-metal grey slacks and a black shirt.

The couple were among a star-studded crowd, including the film's leading actors Sir Michael Caine, Christian Bale and Maggie Gyllenhaal and celebrities including Peaches Geldof and Alexa Chung.

Of course, Felton will soon attend a premiere of his own - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is set for release in the UK in November.
The star says fans should expect the sixth installment to reveal much about his character's complexities.

He says: 'There are reasons that Draco is the way he is.

'He’s seen so many things and been taught so many wrong ideas from his father, Lucius, and of course he worships his father.

'He wants to be like him, to emulate him in every way. But his father has been involved in Voldemort’s dark circle for many years, so it’s not unusual that Draco would want to follow that path too. Everything is to please his father.'

His latest performance has already received high praise from film producer David Heyman.

He says: 'Tom’s nuances in the new film are terrific. It feels like a deeper richer character than we’ve seen to date.'

JK Rowling tops Forbes list of world's billionaires

JK Rowling tops Forbes list of world's billionaires

Harry Potter continues to work his magic for JK Rowling, propelling the author to the top of the US-based Forbes magazine's list of world billionaires. By Laura Clout
Last Updated: 1:47PM BST 24 Jul 2008 JK Rowling's books about the boy wizard have sold 375 million copies worldwide Photo: JONATHON LODGE

Rowling earned more than anyone else on any of Forbes' lists, with a total of 300 million dollars (£150 million), even outpacing the US talk show host Oprah Winfrey, who took home 275 million dollars (£137.5 million) last year.

Her books about the boy wizard have sold 375 million copies worldwide and the final instalment, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, has sold 44 million since it came out last July, according to the magazine.

The franchise also led to a strong performance by younger Britons in the so-called "tweens" list.

Daniel Radcliffe, aged just 19, shared the top spot with 15-year-old Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus, with both taking home 25 million dollars (£12.5 million) last year.

His co-stars Emma Watson, 18, and Rupert Grint, 19, also made the top 10, earning 5.5 million dollars (£2.75 million) and 5 million dollars (£2.5 million) respectively.

Keira Knightley was the second highest-paid Hollywood actress last year, earning 32 million dollars (£16 million) through her roles in the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel At World's End and in the Oscar-nominated literary romance Atonement.

The 23-year-old Briton, whose lucrative contract as the face of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle perfume also boosted her earnings, was beaten to the top spot by Cameron Diaz, who earned 50 million dollars (£25 million) for her roles in Shrek and What Happens In Vegas.

No other British women made the top 10 and no Britons made it into the Forbes top 10 list of the highest-paid Hollywood actors.

But the 10 best-paid actors out-earned the 10 best-paid actresses by two to one over the year, the figures showed.

I Am Legend Star Will Smith topped the list with 80 million dollars (£40 million).

Knightley's co-star Johnny Depp ranked second with a 72 million dollar (£36 million) pay cheque, followed by Eddie Murphy and Mike Myers, who made 55 million dollars (£27.5 million) each.

Top 10 actors

1. Will Smith - 80 million dollars (£40 million)

2. Johnny Depp - 72 million dollars (£36 million)

3. Eddie Murphy - 55 million dollars (£27.5 million)

3. Mike Myers - 55 million dollars (£27.5 million)

5. Leonardo DiCaprio - 45 million dollars (£22.5 million)

6. Bruce Willis - 41 million dollars (£20.5 million)

7. Ben Stiller - 40 million dollars (£20 million)

8. Nicolas Cage - 38 million dollars (£19 million)

9. Will Ferrell - 31 million dollars (£15.5 million)

10. Adam Sandler - 30 million dollars (£15 million)

Top 10 actresses

1. Cameron Diaz - 50 million dollars (£25 million)

2. Keira Knightley - 32 million dollars (£16 million)

3. Jennifer Aniston - 27 million dollars (£13.5 million)

4. Reese Witherspoon - 25 million dollars (£12.5 million)

4. Gwyneth Paltrow - 25 million dollars (£12.5 million)

6. Jodie Foster - 23 million dollars (£11.5million)

7. Sarah Jessica Parker - 18 million dollars (£9 million)

8. Meryl Streep - 16 million dollars (£8 million)

9. Amy Adams - 14.5 million dollars (£7.25 million)

10. Angelina Jolie - 14 million dollars (£7 million)

Top 10 "tweens"

1. Daniel Radcliffe, 19 - 25 million dollars (£12.5 million)

1. Miley Cyrus, 15 - 25 million dollars (£12.5 million)

3. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, 22 - 15 million dollars (£7.5 million)

4. Jonas Brothers, aged 15 to 20 - 12 million dollars (£6 million)

5. Zac Efron, 20 - 5.8 million dollars (£2.9 million)

6. Ashley Tisdale, 23 - 5.5 million dollars (£2.75 million)

6. Emma Watson, 18 - 5.5 million dollars (£2.75 million)

8. Hilary Duff, 20 - 5 million dollars (£2.5 million)

8. Rupert Grint, 19 - 5 million dollars (£2.5 million)

10. Vanessa Anne Hudgens - 3.2 million dollars (£1.6 million)

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