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In Conversation with JK Rowling

In Conversation with JK Rowling
Tuesday, March 4, 2008 at 8:17am

Adeel Amini meets the author of a little series called Harry Potter
(from Student, 04/03/08)

With the perpetual smell of hops lingering about the air and a gust strong enough to blow you down to Skegness, it’s often hard to find a half-decent reason to still be kicking around Edinburgh after a few years. But then it’s equally difficult not to love a city where you can bump into JK Rowling in a centrally-located coffee shop, politely ask for an interview, and four agonising months later have a private audience with arguably the most famous author in the world.

“Please don’t call it that,” she insists, with a modesty that seems slightly suspect at first. I might argue with her considering the multiple awards, infamous fortune, and sales north of 400 million worldwide, but think better than to anger a personality already alleged to have an inherent dislike for interviews. Instead I introduce her to a friend who, primarily to avoid the ire just mentioned, serves as an adequate cloak with her swot-like knowledge for my complete ignorance of all Potter books (a Muggle, I believe the term is).

But this isn’t about Harry, not in entirety. This is about the woman that has risen to the pinnacle of modern literature in the last decade, certainly in terms of sales and stardom. Now that her multi-million pound franchise seems to be done with for the time being, what exactly has she been up to?

“Well I have been writing for a bit, although the end of last year was a bit mad. There was the America tour that I did in October and I did take some time off. Everyone keeps saying to me, ‘Oh it must be really quiet now’ but in fact it’s been quite a high pressure time - it seems like everyone who’s been not asking me to do things for ten years has done now, and it’s now come in a rush. There’s a thousand letters a week, there’s a lot of stuff to deal with at the moment.”

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