Saturday, January 24, 2009

Harry Potter Title for 7th Book was registered to avoid fake titles, but little surpurise for fans

JK ROWLING has told how she hatched a Harry Potter plot to keep the title of the last book in her saga secret.

More than dozen of title including Heart of Ravenclaw, Deadly Veil, Demon's Sword, Quest of the Serpent, Grey Lady, Heir of Gryffindor, Lost Sceptre and Broken Wand.

Also on the list were Gryffindor Quest, Peverell Quest, Wand of Gryffindor, Ring of Destiny, Elder Wand, Revenge of Dumbledore, March of the Death Eaters, Return of the Dark Lord, Curse of Nagini, Last Prophecy, Mudblood Revolt, Seventh Horcrux, Wand of Grindelwald and Final Curse.

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