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New Video of Daniel Radcliffe Caricature on Sardi's and Invisibility Cloak

Possiblity of Invisibility Cloak: In Picture where Daniel Radcliffe, actor in Harry Potter Movie wears an invisibility cloak in the movie 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone'

New Video of Daniel Radcliffe honoured with Sardi's Restaurant Caricature and Invisibility Cloak

Layer using Harry Potter to become invisible, ever closer
It is a device that deflects the light and creates a wave effect of camouflage.
By: Marcelo Bellucci

The fantasy film as represented in situations where an obstacle may disappear by using a magical artifact. Such speculation can become reality thanks to the advancement of researchers from the United States and China, who made the prototype of a layer of invisbilidad, similar in scope to that used by Harry Potter.

After several tests and several failed attempts, a group of specialists from Duke University in North Carolina, USA, led by David Smith, made significant progress on a device that gives invisibility effect. A kind of camouflage on objectsJustify Full

The mantle was chosen by Time magazine as one of the great inventions of 2008. Although, since that time, the system was improved: it now has a specialty.

The team of professors, with the support of the Center for Scientific Research of the U.S. Air Force, was based on a mathematical model that helped produce a special texture, capable of deflecting light waves, thus giving the impression of concealment, at least to radars.

The "layer" in question sued nine days of production and is composed of a layer of half a meter long, 10.6 inches wide by 1 cm and is composed of about 10 thousand microscopic pieces of fiberglass, 6 mil of which are different from each other, mounted in parallel rows on a flexible plate.

In their tests, the scientists coated with this material laboratory with a mirror in a sharp bend and shot toward the center where electromagnetic waves. The idea was that the infrared light and sliding on the top as water on the rocks, so that the surface appears flat. The experiment succeeded in its mission: "cover" the hill.

Creates the illusion that this exercise is similar to a mirage, where heat deflects the light rays. Smith said, "is' go 'what appears to water on the road, but it is actually a reflection of the sky." And then added, "but in reality, the glare is hiding beneath the road. In practice, this design, we are creating an illusion of engineering." But still to be invisible to the human eye directly operates only in laboratory conditions, with microwave and not with natural light. In addition to "hide" another area that would have to redesign the layer.

Besides the military, which could mask buildings in the "eyes" of satellites, one of its potential application is to achieve greater clarity in mobile communications, wiping out the obstacles that hinder the transmission of the signal.

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